Thursday, July 29, 2010

What a day I did all my ordering, then had to make a run to the airport to pick up the repairman for the freezers, somehow the container with the refrigerant gas was left in another airport??? I am not sure about this. however I think we can muster up some here. It was a busy day here, and the long week end is upon us again. Being this far north, and in such a relaxing place it doesn't seem nearly as important having the weekend off. Every night there is new wildlife to be seen here is a picture of a small fox that was in my driveway when I was walking home from the store. Just so you know my house is about 500 ft from the store, so the fox was cruising through town.


He was really small, and mostly dark colours, it was kind of neat, he was digging at something in the ground not interested in the slightest bit of me taking his picture. For dinner tonight we headed out to the Rabbit skin, for a bbq, swim, and some fishing. Not a better way to spend an evening. 

Then on the way home we stopped in at the dump for the local bear attraction and there was two, there was one that was huge nad as soon as he saw us he took off running, but the other stuck around for a few minutes, and let us take his picture. It was very nice of him.

I dropped everyone off at their houses than called it a night just in time for the another perfect sunset picture.

Well almost a sunset, as close as it can get around here this time of the year. It looks as though I am going to be staying here in Fort Good Hope for another couple of weeks. Then will be going to Norman Wells for few weeks before making my way back to Tuk. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The town

Tonight I went over to Aurthur's house, we work together at Northern. He is from Fort Smith, but moved to Fort Good Hope for other work with the Band. Now he does independent contracts with GIS, and repairs computers in town and few other odd jobs. So back to what I was saying, on the way to the dump there is this huge hill. So I said to Aurthur that I was going to climb to the top and take some pictures so here they are. Three of us went up, it was a long trip up, and very steep. There is one picture of some really loose gravel on the weekends they have ATV competitions to see who can make it to the top. Of in the distance of the one picture you can barely see the mountains, just a faint outline. These are part of the Franklin range, Angela told me that on a clear day when it is not nearly as bright as today you can see the end of the Rockies, not today.
Then we went down to the beach again and I washed my truck, or the store truck. No Dad I did not buy a truck! I am saving my money I swear. Just before we left this guy showed up, with  a couple of his friends. Aurther started to tell me that a couple of weeks ago, he stabbed his girlfriend in the leg. She had to wait until he passed out from drinking before she could call the cops. The RCMP in Tuk took forever to respond to calls. Now this here, and the worst part of this is that a week before he stabbed her he gave her two black eyes...What is he still doing on the streets????Is there not laws in this world to protect women from as#$holes like this???I am really starting to think that it is laziness on the part of the RCMP, shoplifters, assault, drinking in public or public intoxication go unnoticed. Possibly the worst thing I have ever seen and I still can't believe this happened. Just before we finished work a 4 wheeler went zipping by us, there were 6 kids yes six kids ridding it, no helmets!!! There were two on the front rack, two on the seat, and two on the back. Going the opposite way was the RCMP truck, they didn't even bat an eye at the 4 wheeler. The kids on the front had their legs dangling right in front of the wheels. When I say kids, not one of them was over 12 or 13. I know that things are different up here BUT that is just ridiculous!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

This is Fred in the front and my neighbor Angus driving the boat, I was on my way down to the beach to try some more fishing when they asked if I would like to go for a ride to Fred's family camp. Which is just a short boat ride from Fort Good Hope up the river. We stopped at the camp, where I met Freds parents, and saw hoe they dry fish, leaving it hanging over the fire. We spoke for e few minutes then Angus suggested that we carry on up the river for some of the most amazing views I have ever seen. After we climbed the the embankment to the top of the cliff, both Fred and Angus told me of a legend that involved two brothers that both protected the village, in a fight for just one leader they challenged each other to walk the ledge. Each of the brothers were to walk on a narrow ledge from the point near where the boat is all the way back to Good Hope. In some of the picture you can see a dark line, that is all that remains of the ledge where they walked. It is said that both brothers made it back to the village, and the whole village celebrated. We got back into the boat and made our way back to the camp for few minutes. When Fred's father told me that they were building a new cabin. I offered to help, and they offered me dry fish in exchange. So on my next day off I am going out to frame a cabin. I tried some of the smoked fish it was great. This is what traveling to the north made everything worth while. After we left, Angus took us across the river to a great little waterfall. I am sure you will agree when you see the pictures.  Just before we got back to the village I was able to take one last picture of the cross that stands in front of the church, it looks great from the water. I knew when I saw it from the top that I wanted a pic from the water, and it is great. Enjoy and have a great night

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I will never get tired of the sunsets here in Good Hope they are absolutely beautiful. Tonight I went for a long walk up the shoreline of the river. I found a couple of interesting things that will be going in a package for Madison and Carter, but I can't tell the rest of you what it is or it will ruin the surprise for them. I am sure that you will understand, is it prehistoric bones? I was talking to an older fisherman tonight he was bringing in his nets, we were talking about the river and how low it was this year compared to how high the water was in the spring. He was saying how fast it moves, check out the picture of the set of stairs that are tangled in the trees right at the high water mark. Those stairs are about 5 ft wide and 18 ft long, plus they are made out of 2" thick material. I cannot even imagine how heavy they are. That water must be moving fast to be able to move those down the river plus to take them from where ever they came from. As I walked down the shore there was one seagull that fallowed me the hole way, there and back. Before I went for my walk on the shore of the big river I thought that I would try some fishin' in the small river on the far side of the house. The hill was so steep on the way down I just about fell, I am sure if anyone was watching they were most likely laughing. Sometimes I am not the most graceful person, especially when losing balance arms flailing around with fishing rod in one hand. It was a sight!! However I was right, first cast I caught a decent size Pike. It was about 30", thank god the lure came out easy. When I turned around from where I was standing there was these huge paw prints. Hence the picture above, I got the hook out of the mouth of that fish and hauled my tail back up that steep hill. I am positive that they where bear prints, and they where fresh!! We had rain last night. they were about the same size as my hand. Well enjoy my video, and have a great night

Friday, July 23, 2010

As the night draws close to the end, I went out a just got these pictures. The last one has to be one of my new favorites. But the one that I took of mom and dad in Hope Cay, Bahama's is still number one. I am really enjoying Fort Good Hope such a small town, everyone that I have met is friendly. the village is only 400 km south of Tuktoyaktuk, but I can't believe how different the weather is. Today it was 28, while I was unpacking the sea cans the sweat was pouring off me. I am only working a half day on Saturday, then have rented a canoe and going up the river fishing for the afternoon, and evening. I was told that there is Pike in the river, it has been a while since I have ate a Pike. But from what I remember they are really good, just like muskie. When I was talking to the district manager today, he advised me that I might be spending some time in Norman Wells for a few weeks before making my way back to Tuktoyaktuk. All of this travel through the small communities of the north reinforces that I did in fact make the right decision leaving Ontario. The land, the communities, the people, and of course the 24 hours of sun are really great experiences.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wow just got to Fort Good Hope, it was a great flight. Small plane, and when I was talking to the pilot he said that the plane was from 1964. I could tell that it was older there was no digital instruments on the dashboard, well there was one the GPS. Right after the plane landed, I dropped my stuff off at my new place for the next little while. It is a nice place, the house sits on top of a huge cliff. Looking right down the Mackenzie River. Breath taking is all that I can say. I am very happy to have the trees around again. Feels a lot more like home. Plus not far from the house there is a beach, and warm enough water for swimming. Well that is all for tonight, I am going for a walk through town, have a look around my new surroundings.