Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making Cheese

Here is something fun for Madison and Carter, Grame and Grampa Thomassen Can help you with this, then make some really good Kraft Dinner. This is fun and easy, but might need a some fine tuning to add more flavor, but very edible the way it comes out of the fridge.

2 cups of milk
4 teaspoons of vinegar or lemon juices
salt (optional)

Place two cups of milk in the saucepan, slowly bringing the milk to a boil while stirring constantly. It is very important to constantly stir the milk or it will burn.

Turn the burner off once the milk is boiling, but leave the saucepan on the element or gas grate.

Add 4 teaspoons vinegar to the boiling milk, at which point the milk should turn into curds and whey. Curds are the solid part, whey is the liquid part.

Stir well with spoon and let it sit on the element for 5-10 minutes.

Pass the curds and whey through cheesecloth or a handkerchief to separate the curds from the whey. The curds will be the cheese.

Press the cheese using the cloth to get most of the moisture out.

Open the cloth and add a pinch of salt if desired.

Mix the cheese and salt and then press again to remove any extra moisture.

Put the cheese in a mold or just leave it in a ball type form.

Refrigerate for a while before eating.

Day Off

So what to do on my day off, I think that I am going to make or draw up some plans to build my own smoker. There is quite a lot of scrap steel from old coolers and freezers just sitting here wasting away. I have to be able to make something work. I figure the internet must have some info on the subject. basically a box with a fire box in the bottom and a smaller chimney in the top so the smoke does not just go straight out. Well off I go to have a look, have a great day.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Weekend

Wow what a week end, and a day off tomorrow. Super long weekend.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Earlier this evening I was chatting with an old friend from university Tracy. We were talking about the 24 hours of light.She said that it would be really different, and it is. Right now it is ,1;50am and it is just as So after playing some darts with Steve we went out for a short walk, short because yes again it is really windy outside. So instead of some pictures I made a short video, and you can hear the wind going by the microphone.
It was really surprising how many kids were out walking around, I guess it is no different than being in Southern Ontario. You still need to get out and about. Well I have been trying to upload this video and like the internet here it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't. Tonight is a doesn't work night. it has been going for around twenty minutes, and we are ohhhhh 18% there's 19%, okay it is going to be awhile.
Monday is a holiday, the May 24. One of the cashiers asked me yesterday why May 24th is a holiday, I replied it is Victoria day. She asked what is that, so I said as in Queen Victoria and she asked who is that, do we have a Queen. I walked away! There has been a breakthrough we down to 9%, and back up to 23% the uploading makes about as much sense here as the education system!
Well I am signing off, for now and going to wait for this video to load. 99% oooohoohohohoh almost there thats the spot.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Well this week it was nice and warm, well maybe that is stretching it a bit. It was decent, but I am still wearing my winter jacket. So this afternoon I went for a nice long walk around town, I was going to wait until the wind died down a bit. However I haven't been since last Sunday, so I thought that I had better get out and get some fresh air.
Off I went the snow is finally receding, and some of the water that you see in the picture is not open water. It is more like huge puddles in the lower area's. From what I have been told there is still almost 4-5 ft of ice on the lakes, and ocean where people are fishing, but the ocean is starting to crack up, and apparently these cracks are the best place to fish. I would think that they are a little dangerous, but the ice is still really thick. And really they are only open about 6"-8" not like you can fall in.
The other day, I started thinking... Did it ever hurt, just kidding.Lol. But I have had alot of really different jobs in my time here on this planet. When I think back to highschool, and what I thought I wanted, or what direction I thought that my life was going to go. I am pretty sure that I am not even remotely close to that. I have thought before about coming up here, but I really feel at home here. The cold is something that you just kinda get used to. But what I am really having trouble with is the 24 hours of light. Try to sleep during the day is pretty much the same thing. Last night around 11:00 pm it got really cloudy, it was great. I fell right asleep. First night I haven't had a gravol. In the store there is a small pharmacy, but no sleep aids. I hope that my body gets used to it soon.
So while I was out on my walk, there was these two guys walking the opposite way as I was going. I should say 1 was walking the other was so drunk that he could hardly stand up. The one guy said that his name was Fats, after he spoke I could tell he was in the same condition.They pulled out a 60 oz bottle of vodka and took a big mouthful right there in front of me in the middle of the street. Well it is the middle of nowhere. I declined the offer they gave me and slowly made my way home. I honestly did take a bunch of pics but cant get them uploaded right now. The one that I really like is the one of the sic sic, looks like a chipmunk on steroids. I will try and post those pictures later.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

There is never a boring day in Tuk! Today our two new employee's arrived for their first day of work. They came over to the store and said there was no hot water, so over I went got the details, and on the last flight there was two elements, and a garden hose. So after work, I started to empty the tank then. Damn the water takes forever to come out....Oh well The new elements are in, and the tank refilled. Power is on, and I am sure that they will have hot water tomorrow morning.
On another note, the wind has not slowed at all, it just keeps on blowing so hard. Even when I was in Tofino right on the ocean it was never windy like this. Well it is time to go to bed, I am exhausted

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My day off today was exciting, I got my first lake trout. It is 18 lbs, and took forever to get up through the hole. I was so happy, I could not believe it. It was colder than I really like out there. So it is cleaned now and hanging in the smoker. It was an experience. Apparently a short ride is three hours, on a snowmobile across the roughest terrain I have ever been on. I really hope that my back straightens it self out over night. So the fish will stay in the smoker until the end of the week, then it will be ready. I can't wait.
Just so you know tonight I think that I watched the stupidest show on tv I have ever seen, I actually felt dumber after. So don't bother wasting your time with watching "The Hills".
Thats all for tonight, after all that fresh air, I am exhausted. Time for bed

Monday, May 17, 2010

Two years ago before I moved back to Ontario, I spent two months in Tofino B.C. Here are a few pics of the camp ground and the views around Tofino. When I left Kelowna, it was a quick and great choice. My friend Cody and I were having some beers in a buddies front yard chatting, and chilling typical afternoon in Kelowna. We started talking, and thought that a road trip was in order. Cody went home to pack, dropped me off at my place and I did the same. We met at my place, and the oil pump in Cody's truck was not working properly. So we went down to the city bus, and took it as far as we could to the city limits. Then it was only about twenty minutes or so until we got our first ride, and took us almost all the way to Vancouver. On the way it started raining, hitch hiking is hard when your 6'6" but hitch hiking when its raining and your 6'6" that is a whole nother ball game. But we did it. Spent the night in this really awesome hostel. The next day we had took the bus out to Horseshoe Bay, and took the ferry across to Vancouver Island.
The first place that we had to get to was Bretts house, in Cumberland. It took forever, could have been our fault though. Had some beers, we were walking and talking. Plus there really wasn't that much traffic. We did make it too Bretts place, and had a great time. It was a crazy party. Brett and his girlfriend are amazing DJ's.
Finally on our way to Tofino, we made it into the village. And no opening in any of the hostels. So this guy tells me about a camp ground just outside the village right on the ocean. Pooles Land the place was like something out of a history lesson. Micheal Poole started the camp ground in the early 60's, and has lived there ever since. People come and go some stay for years, others just a few months like I did. It was great, for 5$ a night, and a hour of your time per day. During my time there I was responsible for helping build a new deck on the main part of the cook house. The entire deck was built by hand, no power tools. Truly an exhilarating feeling.
During the days, there was so much to do. I got taught how to surf. It is F*&^@# hard, and it hurt like hell. But when you catch that first wave, and you actually stand on the board ride it out. All the falls are worth it. And let me tell you how cold the water in Tofino is, take a wet suit if your going. I also got a crab license there, and bought a trap. Every morning I would drop the trap with bait inside, the first few days were experiments in where to place the trap. But soon it was great and I found out that you can cook them by steaming them in their own shell. Nothing is better than fresh crab. Mom and Dad I am sure that from your time in the Bahama's you can attest to fresh sea food. The other things that come out of the ocean, like kelp, and these little green plants that grow on the rocks. I am not sure what they are called, but they are filled with this salty gel, and I was told that they are very high in protein. Plus they taste really good, and they are excellent in salads. But you have to get them right when the tides go out, otherwise they dry up. Then when the tides come back in they fill back out again. Neat little plants.
My time in Tofino was great, Pooles Land is heaven on earth filled with people who are open, and easy going. It was amazing, I will return one day. And I encourage everyone that ever goes to Vancouver Island to stop into Pooles Land,and camp for even just a night.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well another day another dollar, isn't that what Dad said before work every morning? The wind kept blowing all night, and then after work today it was still blowing. So hard in fact that it blew my hat right off my head. Then I had to run across the parking lot which is covered in ice, with my bag of onions in one hand and garlic bread and cranberry juice in the other hand. I am sure if anyone was watching it must have been a sit to see. I think that I am going to look into buying a kite board. Before I left Ontario, I saw a group of guys playing on them on Rice lake and it looked really fun. So who knows, more research is needed.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I wonder if anybody that read this would know what it is like to live it a community that the rest of the world has left behind. I went for a walk today, a nice long one. It was so windy, the wind coming from the Artic Ocean it was blowing hard. More than a few times I had to put my head down then lean forward and that wind was holding me up. Anyways back to the main point. As you walk around and now that the snow is melting, it is really a shame to see the left overs from years of living. Scrap snow machines, ATVs, lumber, driftwood, garbage blowing in the wind. Where have I come? The edge of the earth, where people don't care about the environment? Growing up through the late 80's when the environmental movement first started, then all through the 90's with the 3 R's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. That was 20 years ago, the modern day has left the north behind, there is a dump, that everything goes in. No separating anything. Disgusting!! It is quite a shame. I know that it costs money to get everything here, and it will cost money to get it out of here. But, But there is alot of money generated generated by drilling rigs, and the diamond mines.
I wonder why there is no recycling here? Could it not be stock piled for the months when there is no ice road? Then haul it out, instead of leaving it rust away. I really feel bad for mother nature here. There are boat motors frozen in the ocean, the rig platform from when ESSO was here still stand in the bay. Why? How do you forget all that steel in the Ocean? I guess the other this is with all this wind, and I read that they were looking into wind turbines here for clean power, but there is none.
The education here is also been left behind. I have seen it and spoke with teachers here. In southern Ontario if you miss school, there are questions asked? Where you were? Here there is nothing, students miss school, and there is nothing done. Some kids miss weeks and months, then are just put back into the same grade the same place, and nothing happens. It really is a shame. Because students here do not pay for anything, not the paper, not the pens, not the backpacks, nothing but they all take it for granted. If someone was to graduate from here, they can attend college or university and the Territory will pick up the cost of the schooling and living exspenses with out of their own community. WOW! How much money would we have saved, these student loans that I am still paying for(a serious pain in my back side) The only stipulation is that they must come back and work for the government when they are done school for a couple of years. Pretty good deal if you ask me.
I wonder what I can do?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Well I am not sure that I would say strange but sure is different. It is always bright here, even when its cloudy its still bright. I finally got my bedroom windows all covered in tinfoil, and it works!! Last night was the first night in about a week, that I got a good nights sleep. I will have to take another look at that darn window though. The light can't get in, but I also cannot open the window, and it is the one that opens in that end of the house. I can open it, then my front door to get fresh air through the house. Something for another day to figure out.
Question, and please comment after reading...
Has anyone ever had corned beef hash from a can before? We sell so much of it, I was thinking about trying it but I am not sure.... Please let me know.

Just so you all know the best pie pastry is made with;

6 cups all purpose flour
1 lb lard
1 tsp seasalt
1 cup 7-up

Sift the flour and salt together, then mix the lard into that until you are left with a pea size crumbs. Next pour in the 7-up and mix together with a fork, and finally kneading with fingers. I know that Jim Thompson and his love of fresh pie will love this. Docwoods Pie competion, what year was that?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Earlier this week we got in fresh rhubarb, cherries and some berries. So I made a pie tonight complete with the crust and everything. Can't believe it myself but damn it was good. I found this awesome recipe for the crust on the net that had 7up in it instead of water, so I tried that too, and it really turned out great. Yesterday, Monday was my day off and I was watching the food network and one show had that basket weave top on the pie. So I wanted to try it, it is way harder than it looks on tv, but ffor a first try I think it turned out okay. Maybe when I grow up and figure out what I want to do with my life the kitchen might be an option lol.
In the last two days we have been unloading planes like it is going out of style, usually all of the stuff that is being shipped right now, comes on the barge in the middle of the summer, but we have it now. Well it is really late and time to hit the hay so to say, hehehe...

PS mom I got that envelope the other day that you sent but opened it tonight, thank you for the card, I have it sitting on my entertainment center. I really thought that spring was on the way, however yesterday was -20C today was -25C, and then there is the wind. I have been walking after work to try and get some exercise but there is no way that with that 50 kmh wind and -25C temp. I was going anywhere but to bake that pie.

Monday, May 10, 2010

So for those of you that were wondering just where I am here it is the most northern hamlet in Canada. Just a wee bit north, from Bobcaygeon. We are 6900 kms, from Inuvik to Bobcaygeon is just under 6700 kms, then about 150 km from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk. So from two weeks ago, until mid December we are fly in /out only. But when the ice road is open you can drive all the way here.
View Larger MapFrom Tuktoayaktuk to the north pole is only 2400 km to the best of my calculations. I am closer to the north pole. I have attached a google earth map, it is really easy to tell where it is.

View Larg

The second picture with the telephone pole in it is looking north towards the north pole. What are the chances of getting there? The last pic is looking south east and both were taken last night around midnight. For some reason the pictures are dark, but it was fairly bright. Getting used to the light all the time is really hard, I get tired. Then I am not, and it is light so why not go for a walk.
The third pic is of the red squirrel they are really huge, with a really small tail. You cant really see it in this pic. I will try and get another one that is better. Well I am heading over to the store, Need to get some cleaning supplies, and something for dinner tonight. It is a beautiful day here today, only -11C, tomarrow a low of -20C and then warmer as the week goes on. Thank god, because this double digits below zero really stinks.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today was a great day, they sent a big plane not sure what it was but it had alot of cargo in it. It was great the freezer is so full again. Plus there was some great new bread. Then after work all I wanted was a shower, and yes no water still. So down I went to the crawl space with my wrenchs, and I took apart all the connections then put them back together with the pipe dope, then primed the pump. I turned the power to the pump back on and just like it was supposed to be. There was the magical 50 psi. I got to have my shower. I think that I should start a part time business here.

Friday, May 7, 2010

So I am sure that some of you have maybe noticed the ads on here now, please check out my sponsors, there are great gift ideas for that just about everyone, plus other excellent products. Here is a funny link that I found today while. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbs95nJ7Z-s&NR=1

So the last few days here were really good I had water, could shower when I want, clean and cook. Now tonight no water again. This shit is really starting to piss me off. This time I cant even get the pump to keep the prime.

To today the weather did everything it was super sunny, and beautiful. Then around 1 pm it started to change and the snow clouds rolled in, and now it is almost 11 pm and the snow is really coming down.

Really it is not much different here than in any other small town, Well maybe not the fly in, fly out is a little different. Remote, thats what it is. When the ice road was open we had two big deliveries a week of groceries, now we have to the plane, which is very small, and it only holds 1800 lbs of cargo when there are no passengers. So a couple of people, their personal luggage then they fill the left over space with our food mail/cargo, and Canada Post has to ship on the same plane. In the last couple of weeks, there has been a few more empty spots. But apparently this is normal. So I really hope that there is a flight tomarrow morning with no passengers and lots of produce, and oh lets not forget the fruits too. Please Please Please.

On a separeate note what happened a few days ago in False Creek in Vancouver was pretty cool,
This video on you tube show the huge grey whale, swimming under the bridge, then coming to the surface. How cool would that be, and right in the harbor. I am so excited for the summer, I have been told that the Bulga whale come right into the bay, in front of the store and swim like together, for a couple of months before moving on.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Well just so you know, it is official. The hunting season is open here. Goose hunting 101, what you need apparently per day

smokes, 12 guage, with a case of shells yes case not box, and some canned food, and coffee. Your on your way.

Today I refilled to smoke cabinet twice and gun shell cabinet three times, however I was invited to go goose hunting tomarrow. Not sure about it I might just go along for the ride, since I dont have my FAC yet.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good evening,

So I was talking to Dad the other day and he asked me to price some regular items that everyone would purchase on a regular basis. So here are just a few, until I finish the list this will get you thinking of what it cost a week to eat up here. Keep in mind that taxes are not included, but it is only GST, no PST here

1 dozen white eggs $5.95
300g Cracker Barrel Medium cheese $8.59
Becel 907g Margerine $13.69
4L 2% white milk ? are you sure you really want to know?
there is a really good reason that I take a calcium supplement, well a multivitamin too however one 4L jug is $23.59 yes that much. Most of the time, when it gets here there is only a few days left on the expiry.
Cinnamon Raisin bread $7.45
Country Harvest- Seven Grain, Honey Oat, a few different types range from $6-$9 per loaf.
Small head of Califlower $11.29
Bag of carrots $9.59
Small bag of red potatoes $8.99
4-AAA Energizer batteries $19.99
Five Alive frozen drink concentrate $2.99
Cooking onions small bag medium size maybe 10 of them $ 9.39
Delissio Ultimate pizza $15.79

On another note, today was some really crazy weather. First thing this morning was so foggy that I could hardly see the store from my front porch which by the way is about 75 yards away. Then by the time I was ready to leave to walk over it was snowing so hard, the snow stayed coming down or really from the side for most of the day. Then by this afternoon it had cleared, and it is once again nice and back to the usual sun, but bitterly cold. I was not ready for the wind, and Mom you will be happy. I have hair, and with no barber here I might have alot of hair by the next time you see me. If anyone has any questions let me know I will be happy to answer them, or find out the answer for you...