Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Now lets just set the record straight! I was under that understanding that the mosquitoes that we had in and around Bobcaygeon were toughest mosquoites around. I mean on those summer night when they are so intense they drive you inside. Those little guys are like the offspring of the ones that live here. I went out for a short walk to the end of the Trans Canada trail. For the summer the hamlet puts out these great picnic tables. By the time I got out the very end of the peninsula the breeze had completely dropped of and every biting insect had zeroed in on the tiny vibrations that were pumping out of my headphones and attacked at once. Just to prove it, I have a bite on my finger that has produced a new knuckle. When I was walking back to the house there was a group of young guys driving rocks into the ocean with golf clubs. I think I am going to have to get about 1000 golf balls a dry suit and some oxygen tanks. A driving range that is my ticket to the millions. 45$ a bucket then I just have to go diving to get the balls or get the get the balls to diving in the Artic Ocean . I am off to check these bites out Happy Canada Day everyone
There comes a point in your life when you realize

who matters,

who never did,

who won't anymore...

and who always will.


Okay so if you know me, sometimes I have done some boneheaded things. I know there have been a few take a moment yes go ahead and make your jokes. But this will make all of you laugh. So part of my morning routine at work is counting the smokes, and pulling enough for the days sales. While I was doing it, I saw these two huge boxes of fireworks! I thought nothing goes with Canada day better than FIREWORKS. So I took them out to the grocery office, found out how much they were only 80$ A steal I thought. I took a phone call, then looked at them and thought it doesn't get dark here you dumb ass. I am sure they will be great at New Year's

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I just got back from a short walk through the hamlet, and I went out to the end of the trans Canada trail. That crazy wind that has been blowing for the last few days. That crazy intense wind has blown in a huge chunk of ice it was massive. But I was thinking this is probably one of the only times in my life when I see something like this. Really pretty cool. Things at Northern are going good. The grocery manager is on holidays now, so I have to do all the ordering. There is allot of food that has to be ordered every day to keep that dept running smoothly. Then you through the delivery process into the mix, no wonder food is crazy expensive here. Now that there are more tourists traveling up to Tuk, the food gets bumped to the back of the line.

Last night was intense, thunderstorm from Russia. I went to go for a walk cause I thought it was just cloudy. I was wrong! The clouds were enormous, and really low. The weather in general is really different here, and changes fast. It will go from nice and sunny to the most extreme fog where you cannot see across the harbour in just minutes. So back to my story about last night. And trust me the pictures here just do not do it justice. You know that feeling that you get when a big storm is coming, then it happened the wind came up and the rumbling was off in the distance, with the lightening cracking over the ocean. It was getting closer and closer, in the mean time it was getting darker and darker. It was here, the clouds opened up, the wind was intense and the rain drops were the size of small potatoes. It did not last long, just blew in and blew right on out. In the hour leading up to the storm, my satellite and internet were not working at all, then finally this morning it has cleared enough to get an internet connection. The satellite is still trying to decide if it wants to work. I am hoping that it makes it mind up soon!
Well it is almost noon, it is Sunday and I think that it is time to make some breakfast, have a good day all

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last night I was going for a walk and this guy came up and asked me if I wanted to buy a carving, so I said that I would have a look. They were really nice I mean like the carving that you see in a fine arts store. These pieces look great and are all carved stone, bone and antler. The artist's name is Curtis Taylor, and he is an Inuvialuit Carver. So if you are in the market for a nice carving let me know and I can arrange for it to be shipped, or better photo's of whats available.
While I was out walking along the oceanfront, there was so much drift wood I have never really seen anything like it. I was really stumped ( no pun intended) when I saw the stump. How does something this large turn into driftwood? Seriously this stump is about 10' around at the largest point, plus from the bottom to the top is up to just under my arm pits I figure 60". I wonder where it came from.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I really didn't realize that there was anyone but family followed what I put on here, but I just found out today, that I need to update this for other people as well. Without further notice here we go...

Sunday was Fathers Day, and my birthday, and of all the years that I could have chose to come all the way up here I have to chose the year when I share my birthday with fathers day. Oh well, hope that you (Dad) had a great bbq and swim with Lisa and family.

About a week ago I was out at this abandon drilling company property. They had some really cool shit there. Of course I took pictures, duh. There is one picture of me standing in front of a big circular rusty thing. This is actually a waste oil burner. Seriously this thing was used to burn oil in large volumes, there is a log book there that dates back to the early 80's. There is an instruction book that has instructions on how to light it, should I try?
The weather has been getting better and better, and finally a few times I have been out with just a t shirt and jeans. But the wind, it just doesn't stop. I would think that the wind here would be strong enough to power a few of those turbines that are in the Duracell commercial.
I have notice that the sun is starting to get closer to the horizon, however it does not happen until around 3am. So there is still at least a month an a half of 24 hrs of sunlight left. I was wondering will a sun dial still work here?
Until next time keep yar stick on the ice

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Birthday up and coming very soon

So here we are in a just over a week I am going to be turning 35. Holy shit 35, how did I get this old and still not know what I want to do when I grow up? I think that I may have found it here in the north. So I was looking at this website just this morning, and it was all about Gemini's. I realized that I really am very similar to everything that this article describes which is kinda freaky really when you think about it. That the zodiac sign can be so bang on.

Geminis are quick, clever, impulsive, restless, changeable and highly intellectual. They crave novelty and variety, and grow bored easily.

Geminis have a thirst for knowledge and require constant intellectual stimulation. They are always picking up bits and pieces of information from a wide variety of sources, and they can converse with interest and some knowledge on most subjects. Geminis often have several books or magazines on the go at once, and they are good at multitasking.

Geminis have many brilliant ideas, though they may have trouble following through and tend to leave a string of unfinished projects behind them. They maintain a frenzied pace and change their minds, and in some cases their entire lives, frequently.

Communicative and Sociable

Gemini is the chatterbox of the zodiac, making a lot of phone calls, writing a lot of emails and visiting many different people over the course of a day. Most have a diverse collection of friends to satisfy the many sides of their ever-shifting intellects.

If Geminis find themselves in dull situations or among people who are not doing anything interesting, they are liable to stir the pot and get something going, just to amuse themselves. Geminis will often play with people for fun, though this is usually done in a light-hearted and non-malicious way.

Powers of Persuasion

Some Geminis tell lies or half-truths regularly in order to make life easier. They can talk themselves into or out of anything. As a result, Geminis tend to do well in sales and other jobs where they have the opportunity to interact with the public. A few become scam artists because they have a natural talent for manipulating people. However, the majority of Geminis put their considerable communication and persuasion skills to better use, attaining success in communications and media-related industries or writing for profit or personal enjoyment.

Careless and Accident-Prone

Geminis are not particularly cautious and tend to rush into things. As a result, many are accident-prone. Accidents usually involve the areas ruled by Gemini—the shoulders, hands, arms and fingers. Geminis never want to miss anything, so they often deprive their bodies of sleep or even food. As a result, they can suffer from nervous exhaustion or malnutrition.

Geminis tend to be careless with their possessions and lose small handheld items. They are also careless with their cash, unless the ascendant is in one of the more cautious signs of the zodiac. Geminis may end up broke or in debt if they do not guard against the tendency to squander their money.

Fun, Cheerful and Open-Minded

Most Geminis are friendly, upbeat and extroverted, unless the ascendant falls in a more brooding sign. They love to meet new people and crave social situations and novel intellectual stimulation. They don’t like to be alone and prefer to go out, interact and flirt. Geminis are fun, open-minded companions, experimental and always willing to try new things. Most are very nonjudgmental, and so people can relax and be themselves around a Gemini companion.

Need for Variety

Geminis have a tendency to flit from one thing to another, and even from one career to another, never settling for long on any given activity. They do better in jobs that require a wide variety of tasks and provide opportunities for socializing. Many Geminis choose to work at several different part-time jobs rather than committing to one full-time occupation in order to indulge the need for diverse mental stimulation.

Progressive and Quick to Learn

Geminis are often style-conscious and follow the current fads. They love modern gadgets and are usually good with technology, at least with those technologies that facilitate communication and information transfer. Although they are quick to learn the basics of any new skill, if Geminis become bored, they quickly lose interest, move on, and get nothing done.

Curious and Impulsive

Geminis are very curious. They are the sorts of people who will take things apart to see how they work. Driven by whims and impulses, Gemini behavior is often erratic and unpredictable, and in some cases, nervous and hyperactive. This can lead them to make impulsive decisions without considering the consequences, or make sweeping life changes just to see what will happen.

Generous but Unreliable

Geminis are usually generous and helpful when they are available, though they may be unreliable about showing up on time, if at all, unless the ascendant falls in an earth sign. Their generosity causes them to loan money to friends without thinking twice about it or give their time to help a friend in need. They aren’t always sensitive to the feelings of others (unless the moon or ascendant is located in a water sign). However, given their propensity for generosity, many people are willing to overlook bit of “flakiness” or insensitivity.


Versatility ensures that Geminis are always able to make a living, as they have many different skills to fall back on. What they don’t know, they can usually bluff their way through. Many Geminis have a talent for handcrafts, which manifests as the ability to make or repair things, as well as other occupations that require good hand-eye coordination. Additionally, because they are open to new technologies and quick to pick up new skills, many are good with computers and gadgets.

The Good Side and the Bad Side

Gemini is a sign that is prone to extremes, with most expressing either the positive or the negative side of the Gemini persona. Those who express the ugly side of Gemini are unreliable, superficial, fickle, deceptive, flighty, whiny, self-absorbed and gossipy, while those who express the positive side are charming, generous, witty, logical, adaptable, talented, friendly, open-minded and playful. Whether the positive side or the negative side will be expressed depends on other elements in the zodiac, such as the ascendant and moon sign.

Well that is all I have for today,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This looks like something from Star Wars, but actually it is left over from when Esso was doing oil exploration. It has been just sitting in the Ocean rusting away. This thing is huge. I think that after the ice melts I am going to try to climb on the top of it. Because I am always doing the right thing. There are three massive cranes on it, from the top of the water to the top of the platform it must be 20-30 feet very hard to tell because it is out in the middle of the bay. I will definitely be reporting more on this. Very cool

Sunday, June 6, 2010

While I was out for my walk today I noticed something that looked a little strange, all of the satellite dish's are pointed towards the ground. Take a peek at the pictures that I took this afternoon, and yes. I am that far north that they have be directed that way to get reception on the satelittes. I was amazed myself.

On another note, the wind still has not let up here at all. Every day it is so windy, however it has not rained since it last snowed, So that is okay, I have found out that most of the precipitation here actually doescome in the form of snow over the winter and it very rarely rains in the summer.

On Saturday, I made a banana bread. It was pretty good. But the real goodness came this morning when I made banana bread french toast. That was good. Oh my god good. Well thats about all for now, have a good work week everyone

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Community Freezer

Here is a first for me, I have never even heard of anything like this before. A community freezer. The freezer is down a ladder, that is about 15" wide and I would say it was at least 30 ft down. The freezer was dug out in the 1950's, as a way for the local people to keep there fish and meat frozen. When you go down the ladder there are three separate tunnels, that are each about 40 feet long x 6 feet wide and just over 5 feet high. From the pictures you can see the layers of sand in the permafrost, it is so cold down there. Frost crystals hang from the ceiling, that are 2" long, and the light sparkles off them. There is 16 rooms in the freezer, each room is 8' x 8' with a small door, and a lock on the outside. The room that we were allowed to enter, had 10 large garbage bags filled with frozen fish and caribou, then you can also see the picture of the fox that was left in the one hallway. The old 45 gallon drum has a rope that is attached to a block and tackle, this is how people get their meat up and down the nerve racking ladder. That ladder is very slippery, covered in frost at the bottom, and melting at the top. All in all it is a very good idea. In a place where the ground is frozen all year, why not try and save some money, and use the ground as a freezer.